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AIRELEC is very well imposed brand on the market, known only by the professionals but also by the customers, as one of the undisputable leaders in production of electrical heating appiliances.

AIRELEC is a French company specialized in electic heating. Founded in 1956 in Paris as a small workshop. In 1967 the company expanded production and moved to Fleur-surAnders, Department of AIR. During this period AIRELEC specializes in the manufacture of heating appliance and in 1970 notes a significant increase. In 1979 AIRELEC  acquired company RADIAL with production facilities in Esquennoy. During this period AIRELEC is market leader in France, specializing in production of convection heaters. During the years  AIRELEC growing fast and start to develop heating appliances with precise temperature control. In 1997 AIRELEC joined to the Muller Group - european leader in production of heating systems. AIRELEC constantly improving the range of product, providing its customers a comfortable and economical heating system.

AIRELEC in Bulgaria
AIRELEC is represented in Bulgaria since 1999 and is the best-selling brand convector radiators in Bulgaria. AIRELEC products are backed with 7 years warranty from the manufacturer and large chain workshops in Bulgaria.